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Crypto On Wheels is a blockchain education initiative started by professionals having a combined experience of more than a decade in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency industry. There’s a lack of quality resources to enlighten minds on a practical level about this technological revolution. Existing literature rarely permits a structured way of learning whilst being in touch with real-time industry progress.

With Crypto On Wheels, you erase the challenges that come with other methods of learning because we combine physical expert interactions with virtual resources to give you the whole experience.

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Harsh Shah

Having been engaged in the blockchain and crypto spaces since the past six years, Harsh is always willing to step up and engage groups of people in knowledgeable discussions on the same. He is someone you can easily reach out to, to enhance your grasp of the space. Having understood quite the deal of the blockchain and crypto domains over the last six years, he has evolved from an enthusiast, to an investor, delved into the practicalities of mining, a businessman, and now an educationist in the domain – quite the characteristics of an entrepreneur. That’s where Crypto On Wheels comes in for him. Harsh has donned the hat of an intrapreneur in businesses he worked with, in the past, which range from modern investments to traditional investments, from shipping logistics to textiles, and several other multidisciplinary roles. He also occasionally invests in startups where he identifies huge potential. He stresses on the need to start young with investing to experience the ‘magic of compounding’.

Hailley Shah

With her never-say-die attitude Hailley entered the booming blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing sector. She runs a marketing consultancy and has worked with key accounts in industries like edtech, blockchain, multilateral trade, digital services, education, entertainment and lifestyle sectors. She lives by the school of thought that you’d rather be slow and get it right than quick and make a mess. Her experience across continents has enabled her to get a stronger world-view in both her professional and personal life. Her interest in blockchain, crypto, and the rising importance of digital assets coupled with her passion for education makes her a good addition to the Crypto On Wheels team. She is also a life and well-being coach, and works in positive education.

Viresh Pratap Singh

If there is someone who understands the crossover between the technical and the real, it is Viresh. Hailing from Chattisgarh, Viresh has been one of the front runners of the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces since its arrival in India. That’s not how he began though – Viresh has journeyed across multiple ventures in pharma and stock trading, before he entered the crypto space by founding Crixfeed, an internet information services company. Crixfeed informed, educated, and connected the blockchain community with key intelligence. His journey from there has evolved from an information provider, to cryptocurrency mining, and he constantly dips his hands into play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and exciting allied aspects of the domain. With a flair for mastering the new and unknown, Viresh is known to bring novel ideas to the table with every interaction. Crypto On Wheels comes naturally to him, considering his experience and the depth of his encounters in the domain.

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